EUD Health Ministries Advisory

Seville, Spain | Inter-European Division (EUD)Enthusiastic Health Ministries leaders met for a Division-wide advisory on September 5-8, 2016 in Seville, Spain. Presentations were centered on a Comprehensive Health Ministries approaches to reach the post-modern minds of the many countries in the division, meeting the needs of people of all ages. Valerie Dufour, EUD Health Ministries Director, shared a vision of collaboration with other departments and ministries to share wholeness with compassion in their wide territory.

ESD Health Professional Conference

Zaoksky, RussiaA group of health professionals and lifestyle health educators joined Union and Conference Health Ministries leaders in Zaosky from November 20-23, 2016, following the Division’s Health Advisory. The goal was to provide them with a spiritual retreat and inspire them to engage in comprehensive health ministry. In addition, organizers aimed to provide further insight on how to expand the ministry of those already active as well as provide a networking opportunity for all.

ESD Health Ministries Advisory

Zaoksky, Russia. On November 14-18, 2016 a Health Ministries advisory meeting was held at Zaoksky University, Russia, to equip Union and Conference leaders from across the countries of the Euro-Asia Division. Nadia Ivanova, Division Health Ministries director, was intentional in providing resources as well as a focus on the successful models and health-ministries outreach throughout their territory. Plans for a six-month long outreach funded by a national grant took place, where stop smoking programs and health expos will be done throughout Russia. 

NAD Regional Health Summit

Canada | North American Division (NAD). Health Ministries leaders came together at Camp Hope, in British Columbia in Canada on September 28-October 2, 2016. The reason was the Regional Health Summit to equip them in comprehensive health ministry. Health professionals, pastors, health ministry leaders, and team members attended lectures and presentations that highlighted the need to reach out with God’s love and compassion in their communities.

Celebration and Expansion for Healing Opportunities

On August 31, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center celebrated 25 years of service meeting the mental health needs of the local community. During the celebration speakers reflected on the journey from the opening of the Behavioral Health Institute in 2010, to over 4,600 inpatient visits and another 37, 473 outpatient visits. Today more than 700 patients are being treated for drug dependency and pain. It is one of only five institution in the US that offers treatment for chronic pain.

Adventists Lead Out and Join Others in Temperance Movement

On August 18-23 the 40th World Convention of Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) took place in Ottawa, Canada. Since WCTU’s founding over a century ago, Adventists have been involved in the leadership of this movement, which brings together women across Christian faith traditions. Ellen White herself attended the meetings and urged the church to be supportive and join hands in the temperance movement with love and compassion.   At the World congress this year Adventist members and leaders not only attended the meeting, but also led out on presentations and reports.

SSD Health Ministries Advisor

Dozens of enthusiastic health ministry leaders came together on August 8-11 for an inspiring time of training and fellowship. Dr Lhalaine Alfanoso, Division Health Ministries director, planned the Advisory with the vision to build momentum for partnerships and outreach in the larger communities across the territory. Government public health officials and researchers made presentations, inviting the church to join hands and collaborate to make communities healthier. Stop smoking programs, addiction prevention and recovery were among the areas identified as needed in the Philippines.

NSD Health Ministries Advisory

Health Ministries leaders met for a Division wide advisory on July 4-6 in Ilsam, Korea under the theme “Health is not Talk. Health is Walk.” The primary focus was motivating leaders to inspire church members to become involved in medical missionary work. Pr Lee, the Division president, set the tone reinforcing the Health Ministries vision globally noting that “every church can be a center for medical missionary church and every church member can be a medical missionary.” Presentations were centered on a Comprehensive Health Ministries approach to meet the needs of people.

SID Health Ministries Advisory

Health Ministries leaders, hospital administrators and health professionals involved in Health Ministries joined together to attend the SID Health Ministries advisory held in Johannesburg on May 29-June 2, 2016. Dr Bangwato Sikwa, SID HM director, coordinated the event. A highlight was the joint collaboration in the elaboration of the new Health Ministries Strategic Plan for the quinquennium. Attendees were inspired by the presentations and contributed to the joint Strategic Plan.

Adventist Human Subject Research Association Conference

Dozens of researchers came together in April at Oakwood University for the AHSR annual conference. Various research presentations dealing with ministry, health, human behavior, and faith were warmly received and strategies were discussed on how to increase network and dissemination of the research results among the Adventist community across the globe. We must continue to improve dissemination of the important information we are gathering through research affirms Dr Duane McBride, president of the Association.