Ukrainian and Transcaucus Union ARMin Training

Euro-Asia Division (ESD)--Dozens of health professionals, pastors, and lay ministry leaders attended the Adventist Recovery ministries (ARMin) training sessions in Ukraine and Armenia from June 20-28. Sponsored by the local Unions and the Euro-Asia Division, these ARMin training sessions equipped participants to start 12-step Christ centered groups to assist people struggling from harmful practices and addictive behaviors. Nadia Ivanova, ESD HM director, ensured all materials were translated into Russian.

No Tobacco Day Awareness Event

Timor Leste Mission | Southern-Asia Pacific Division (SSD)--Timor Leste (TL) is one of the world’s newest countries. Among its population of 1.2 million a devastating 69.5 percent of adults and 40 percent of youth smoke.  On May 31, TL Adventist Health Ministry joined the Ministry of Health of the government and other NGOs for the No More Tobacco Day parade. The local high school marching band brought their parade orchestra, which arrested the attention of participants and observers.

Andrews University Focus on Health and Wellness

Andrews University (AU) has embarked on a health and wellness mission to become the healthiest university in the US and to help everyone live life to the fullest! The university-wide initiative, Mission: Fully Alive, has been sparking a renewed revival on campus to make health and wellness a foundational pillar of the educational experience at AU. In May 2017, AU received the “Gold Level” recognition from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for being an exercise-promoting campus as part of the “Exercise-is-Medicine On Campus” nation-wide initiative for a second year in a row.

TED Union Health Ministries Directors Summit

On May 8-10, Union Health Directors from across the TED came together in Budapest to explore priorities, share ideas and resources, and make plans for comprehensive health ministry outreach in their territories. Dr. Torben Bergland, TED HM Director, shared the mission and vision for the TED HM department, and facilitated discussions on best practices, challenges, and opportunities within the territory. Mental health is a major focus of the strategic plan for the division, and Dr.

WAD Health Ministries Advisory

Health Ministries directors from 22 countries of WAD gathered on April 17-19, 2017, in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, for their Health Ministries and Adventist AIDS International Ministry (AAIM) Advisory. The chair, Dr. Andre Ndaa, was ably assisted by his staff, who made the event very special and hospitable. The agenda was packed with topics relevant to WAD fields: Church Health Institutions: Creation, Role, Accreditation, Networking; planning and organizing of Health Expos; Lifestyle centers: what works and how can sustainability be fostered?

SSD Adventist Recovery Ministries Training

Health professionals and health ministry directors from across Southern Asia gathered in Cavite, Philippines on March 18-21 to attend the first Adventist Recovery Ministries training for the Division. A collaboration between SSD and the GC Health Ministries, the training was instrumental in equipping leaders to launch Adventist Recovery Ministries (ARM) in in the surrounding countries. According to Dr. Lalaine Alfanoso, SSD HM Director, addictions are a major public health issue in several countries in the region.

EUD Health Ministries Advisory

Seville, Spain | Inter-European Division (EUD)Enthusiastic Health Ministries leaders met for a Division-wide advisory on September 5-8, 2016 in Seville, Spain. Presentations were centered on a Comprehensive Health Ministries approaches to reach the post-modern minds of the many countries in the division, meeting the needs of people of all ages. Valerie Dufour, EUD Health Ministries Director, shared a vision of collaboration with other departments and ministries to share wholeness with compassion in their wide territory.

ESD Health Professional Conference

Zaoksky, RussiaA group of health professionals and lifestyle health educators joined Union and Conference Health Ministries leaders in Zaosky from November 20-23, 2016, following the Division’s Health Advisory. The goal was to provide them with a spiritual retreat and inspire them to engage in comprehensive health ministry. In addition, organizers aimed to provide further insight on how to expand the ministry of those already active as well as provide a networking opportunity for all.

ESD Health Ministries Advisory

Zaoksky, Russia. On November 14-18, 2016 a Health Ministries advisory meeting was held at Zaoksky University, Russia, to equip Union and Conference leaders from across the countries of the Euro-Asia Division. Nadia Ivanova, Division Health Ministries director, was intentional in providing resources as well as a focus on the successful models and health-ministries outreach throughout their territory. Plans for a six-month long outreach funded by a national grant took place, where stop smoking programs and health expos will be done throughout Russia. 

NAD Regional Health Summit

Canada | North American Division (NAD). Health Ministries leaders came together at Camp Hope, in British Columbia in Canada on September 28-October 2, 2016. The reason was the Regional Health Summit to equip them in comprehensive health ministry. Health professionals, pastors, health ministry leaders, and team members attended lectures and presentations that highlighted the need to reach out with God’s love and compassion in their communities.