Health is the gracious gift of God, and is preserved best by choosing the most healthful lifestyle possible, empowered by the Grace of God. We invite you to explore and learn more on these pages.

Andrews University Focus on Health and Wellness

Andrews University (AU) has embarked on a health and wellness mission to become the healthiest university in the US and to help everyone live life to the fullest! The university-wide initiative, Mission: Fully Alive, has been sparking a renewed revival on campus to make health and wellness a foundational pillar of the educational experience at AU. In May 2017, AU received the “Gold Level” recognition from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for being an exercise-promoting campus as part of the “Exercise-is-Medicine On Campus” nation-wide initiative for a second year in a row.

TED Union Health Ministries Directors Summit

On May 8-10, Union Health Directors from across the TED came together in Budapest to explore priorities, share ideas and resources, and make plans for comprehensive health ministry outreach in their territories. Dr. Torben Bergland, TED HM Director, shared the mission and vision for the TED HM department, and facilitated discussions on best practices, challenges, and opportunities within the territory. Mental health is a major focus of the strategic plan for the division, and Dr.

PositiveTips from

The AHA Presidential Advisory rightly cautioned us about the potential dangers of coconut oil. However, coconut oil represents only a small fraction of all U.S vegetable oils. Americans consume about 1.5 pounds of coconut per capita per year compared to cheese at 35 pounds; red meat, poultry and shell fish at 181 pounds; and finally dairy, at 239 pounds--excluding cheese. Four of the top 10 sources of saturated fat involves meat, yet the media has focused on coconut oil. PositiveTip: Replace meat, butter, and cheese with beans, vegetable oil spreads and nut-based cheeses to really lower the...