Health is the gracious gift of God, and is preserved best by choosing the most healthful lifestyle possible, empowered by the Grace of God. We invite you to explore and learn more on these pages.

Chilean Theology Faculty Launch Course in Evangelistic Health Promotion

Fifty students, their family and friends joined the administrators and faculty at the Adventist University of Chile on March 24, 2015, to inaugurate the first Diploma in Evangelism and Health Promotion. This is the first course of it´s kind offered by a faculty of theology, and is a very significant step to blending the gospel ministry with the healing ministry of Jesus. 

Training in Argentina for SDA Health Students in Public Universities

A new course designed to train and encourage health students who are not studying at Adventist universities was launched in March 2015. This pilot project, organized by the Argentinian Union and Buenos Aires Conference in collaboration with the Health Ministries Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, attracted much attention when all 35 places were quickly filled.

PositiveTips from

Ever felt like you are a human magnet to mosquitos? Estimates indicate 20% of people are especially tasty to these critters! Your body produces volatile chemicals these insects can detect. Research on twins suggests identical twins share genes that help produce those mosquito-attractive odors, while fraternal twins do not share so many of these genes. Diet and personal hygiene where controlled during this study. PositiveTip: Mosquito nets and repellant may be your best protection against these blood-sucking insects--unless you are genetically protected!