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Brazilian Conference Trains Hundreds in Health Ministries

Over 400 church members, including  health professionals, 80 pastors and 100 SDA school directors and science teachers, were trained in the principles of healthy living and outreach, at the Missão & Cura (Mission and Healing) program, near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

PositiveTips from

Breast milk is the preferred source of nutrition for all infants. Mothers who have difficulty breast-feeding are tempted to turn to the lower-cost, online breast milk market. As a body fluid it has the potential to transmit pathological agents. These unregulated sources pose significant risks to the infant because the milk is not usually pasteurized and the donor and milk are not routinely tested for communicable diseases.  PositiveTip: When purchasing breast milk choose a regulated milk bank. The added safety is worth the price difference.