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Review of The China Study

In 1905 Ellen White described the diet our Creator chose for us as a balanced plant-based diet including foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables, and nuts (1). Such a diet provides physical and mental vigor and endurance. She also recognized that such a diet may need to be adjusted according to the season, the climate, occupation, individual tolerance, and what foods are locally available (2). The General Conference Nutrition Council (GCNC) therefore recommends the consumption of a balanced vegetarian diet consisting of a rich variety of plant-based foods.

Celebration and Expansion for Healing Opportunities

On August 31, Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center celebrated 25 years of service meeting the mental health needs of the local community. During the celebration speakers reflected on the journey from the opening of the Behavioral Health Institute in 2010, to over 4,600 inpatient visits and another 37, 473 outpatient visits. Today more than 700 patients are being treated for drug dependency and pain. It is one of only five institution in the US that offers treatment for chronic pain.

PositiveTips from

The potent carcinogen N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) is a tobacco-specific compound found widely in smokeless tobacco products like snuff and chewing tobacco--causing significantly higher oral cancer risks for users. The proposed new rules will require that NNNs not exceed 1 microgram/g of tobacco (dry weight) and that packaging include a manufacturing code, expiration date, and storage instructions. There is a 75-day period for public comment after formal publication. PositiveTip: Support these rule changes while recognizing the best way to avoid NNN exposure is to not use these...