Andrews University

David Sedlacek, DSW

Professor of Family Ministry and Discipleship
  • Andrews University
  • Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
David is Professor of Family Ministry and Discipleship at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University where he directs the MA in Youth and Young Adult Ministry and the MA in Religious Education programs. He received his master's and doctorate in Social Work from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He has worked in various settings, both public and private, as a clinician, researcher, teacher, pastor, and administrator. He has worked extensively in the areas of addiction, abuse, relationships, marriage and family. He is a Certified Family Life Educator and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Winston Craig, PhD, MPH, RD

Professor of Nutrition & Wellness
  • Andrews University
Dr. Winston Craig is Professor of Nutrition at Andrews University. He has taught health and nutrition at Andrews since 1987 and was chair of the department for 20 years. He is a registered dietitian and holds membership in the American Society for Nutrition and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Dr Craig has authored 300 articles for health publications, 7 chapters for various nutrition books, and 2 dozen articles for scholarly journals including the position paper of the Academy on Vegetarian Diets. He has written 8 books on nutrition and health. His research interests include the role of a plant-based diet in preventing chronic diseases, and the disease preventing properties of spices and herbs.

Duane McBride, PhD

Professor and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department
  • Andrews University
Duane C. McBride holds a B.A. degree in Behavioral Sciences from the Andrews University, an M.A. from the University of Maryland in Industrial Sociology, and PhD in the Sociology of Deviant Behavior from the University of Kentucky. He is a Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Behavioral Sciences Department at Andrews University as well as Director of the University's Institute for Prevention of Addictions. He has published over 100 articles, chapters, books and monographs in the areas of drug abuse policy, health service research, health risk and protective factors and crime and delinquency in scientific and professional journals including the American Journal of Public Health, Criminology, Health Services Research and the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. Dr. McBride research has been supported by a number of funding agencies including National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute of Justice. He also serves as a grant reviewer for NIDA, NIJ, and RWJF as well as the Centers for Disease Control. In addition, Dr. McBride serves as a consultant to other major universities including the University of Miami and Notre Dame University.

Gary Hopkins, MD, DrPH

Professor and Associate Director
  • Andrews University
  • Institute for Prevention of Addictions
Gary Hopkins is Associate Research Professor and Associate Director of the Institute for Prevention of Addictions, Director of the Center for Prevention Research, and Director of the Center for Media Impact Research at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan and an Assistant Director, Department of Health Ministries, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

Niels-Erik Andreasen, PhD

  • Andrews University
Dr. Niels-Erik Andreasen will speak about the impact educational institutions have in addressing the growing problem of Non-Communicable Diseases via curriculum, culture change, or both? As an author, professor, Old Testament scholar, and leader, Dr. Andreasen brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to this conversation. He has served on a number of hospital and institutional boards during this distinguished career. For the past 19 years he has been President of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Curt VanderWaal

Chair Social Work
  • Andrews University
Curtis VanderWaal, PhD, MSW, is Chair and Professor of Social Work at Andrews University, where he has taught since 1990. He is also Director of the Center for Community Impact Research at the Institute for Prevention of Addictions. He teaches classes in drug and alcohol addiction and treatment, values and ethics, and program evaluation. The majority of his research has focused on addiction treatment, prevention and faith-based ministries and he regularly publishes and presents in these areas. He has completed numerous program evaluations, including projects for the United Way of Southwest Michigan, National Record for the Blind, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Institute of Justice, and the DeVos Family Foundations. VanderWaal received his Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in 1987 from The University of Michigan and his Ph.D. in Social Welfare in 1995 from Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. He has served on the board of Riverwood Center, the community mental health center for Berrien County, since 1998.
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