• Adventist Recovery Ministries Global

    ARMin promotes healing and freedom from harmful practices by providing resources and training to facilitate recovery. ARMin exists to:

    • Promote healing (individually and corporately) utilizing the healthy, balanced principles of God’s Word.
    • Provide resources to churches... Read More

    CELEBRATIONS® is an acronym for 12 healthful living principles: (1) choices, (2) exercise, (3) liquid, (4) environment, (5) belief, (6) rest, (7) air, (8) temperance, (9) integrity, (10) optimism, (11) nutrition, and (12) social support and services.

    We also make four promises to our... Read More

  • CELEBRATIONS: Living Life to the Fullest Sermon Series

    The series LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST was inspired by the book CELEBRATIONS. Each chapter has been rewritten as a sermon for church or prayer meeting. 

    Central to the Adventist philosophy of health is an interest in every aspect of human life, or wholesome living... Read More

  • CHARTERS: A Grace-filled Ministry

    These Microsoft PowerPoint slides are designed to help your organization utilize the CHARTERS program in community educational endeavors.

  • Facts with Hope

    These video spots highlight evidence-based principles for healthy living and a more abundant life. As you choose to care for your body and mind intelligently, you will be in a position to better communicate with God, sense His presence and discern His purpose for your life. Watch and share the... Read More

  • Youth Alive! Program

    Youth Alive is a faith-based program that focuses on preventing at-risk behavior among youth aged 13-25years old by fostering purposeful, wholistic connections and resilience. It equips young people to proactively make positive, healthy choices for life each day. This program is being revised... Read More