• Adventist Recovery Ministries Global

    ARMin promotes healing and freedom from harmful practices by providing resources and training to facilitate recovery. ARMin exists to:

    • Promote healing (individually and corporately) utilizing the healthy, balanced principles of God’s Word.
    • Provide resources to churches... Read More

    CELEBRATIONS® is an acronym for 12 healthful living principles: (1) choices, (2) exercise, (3) liquid, (4) environment, (5) belief, (6) rest, (7) air, (8) temperance, (9) integrity, (10) optimism, (11) nutrition, and (12) social support and services.

    We also make four promises to our... Read More

  • CELEBRATIONS: Living Life to the Fullest Sermon Series

    The series LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST was inspired by the book CELEBRATIONS. Each chapter has been rewritten as a sermon for church or prayer meeting. 

    Central to the Adventist philosophy of health is an interest in every aspect of human life, or wholesome living... Read More

  • CHARTERS: A Grace-filled Ministry

    These Microsoft PowerPoint slides are designed to help your organization utilize the CHARTERS program in community educational endeavors.

  • Facts with Hope

    These video spots highlight evidence-based principles for healthy living and a more abundant life. As you choose to care for your body and mind intelligently, you will be in a position to better communicate with God, sense His presence and discern His purpose for your life. Watch and share the... Read More

  • Principles of caring for health professionals and healthcare institutions working with pregnancy and its anomalies

    During Annual Council of October 2019, the statement on the Biblical View of Unborn Life and Its Implication for Abortion was adopted and voted. During the same session, the General Conference Adventist Health Ministries Department was assigned the task of producing a document outlining the... Read More

  • Youth Alive! Program

    Youth Alive is a faith-based program that focuses on preventing at-risk behavior among youth aged 13-25years old by fostering purposeful, wholistic connections and resilience. It equips young people to proactively make positive, healthy choices for life each day. This program is being revised... Read More