Gabrielle Calderara

Head Dietitian
  • Clinique La Lignière
From France, Gabrielle Calderara lives in Switzerland with her husband and daughter After a first dietetics diploma in Strasbourg, France, she obtains a Bachelor and Masters in Nutrition Education at Andrews University, Michigan. In the mean time, she becomes Vegetarian Nutrition Instructor and her passion for nutrition develops. During her stay in the States, she gets involved with Maranatha Volunteers International (twice AU chapter president) Back to Europe, she starts working at Clinique La Lignière in 1987 in cardiac rehab, with focus in diabetes, obesity, eating disorders and sports nutrition. Currently, she is head of the dietetic department there. She has held numerous cooking classes and lectures as far as France, Island and New Caledonia. She edited a cooking book and regularly writes nutrition articles for the public.