New Youth Alive Version is Launched

Kessel, Germany | General Conference The Youth Alive program, used by many around the world to help build resilience among youth against at-risk behaviors, has been revised. The newer edition of the program was launched in Kessel, Germany, during the Global Youth Leadership Congress on July 31-August 4, 2018. Youth Alive is a program drawing together many ministries to collaborate in discipling young people using the iCor (intergenerational churches of refuge) model, which is critical for the success of the program.

International Medical Missionary Congress

Ilsan, North Korea | Northern Asia Pacific Division (NSD) Hundreds of attendees participated of the International Medical Missionary Congress that took place during the International Mission Congress at the KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition and Convention Center) from August 9-10, 2018. One of the aims of the Congress was to promote a correct and balanced understanding of the Adventist health message and to review the mission of medical evangelism which is the right arm of the gospel. Dr. Peter Landless, Health Ministries Director of General Conference, along with Dr.

Tri-Division AAIM Congress

Kenya | African Divisions (ECD, WAD, SID) The 7th Adventist AIDS-HIV International Ministry (AAIM) Tri-Division Advisory was held at the East Central Africa Division (ECD) Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, on July 1-6, 2018. The theme “AAIM- Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow” was chosen to create acute awareness that this ministry is not only to take care of the basic everyday living needs among those affected by HIV, but also to give each individual an opportunity for eternity. According to Dr.

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption!

On August 23, 2018 The Lancet, a leading prestigious and scientific journal originating in the UK published a landmark study of great importance on the topic of alcohol use. It integrates and appears to do some new data analysis from 694 data sources over a 26-year period from 195 locations around the globe. This is the first global, integrated meta data analysis that we have seen on alcohol use. The methodology is strong and they improved the analysis others had done when they could use original data.

Their conclusions are ground breaking and should be definitive in world health. Among the major findings are:

Advent Care Europe Network Meeting

Lillehammer, Norway | Trans-European (TED) and Inter-European Division (EUD) The Advent Care Europe network, an Adventist Health institutions network created in 2014, met in Norway for its third annual meeting from June 14th through June 16th 2018. Seven institutions representing seven countries took part in this event organized at the Adventist rehabilitation Center “Skogli” in Lillehammer, Norway.

Adventist Recovery Ministries Global Training

Zaoksky, Russia | Euro Asia Division (ESD) Dozens of participants came together on June 11-13 at Zaoksky University for the first Euro-Asia Division Adventist Recovery Ministries Global training. Union health directors, pastors, administrators, teachers, health professionals and lay members were enthusiastic as they learned ways to better understand and minister to the many who struggle with addictive behaviors. Dr. Katia Reinert, Dr.

Thailand Union Health Outreach

Chiang Mai, Thailand | Southern Asia Pacific Division (SSD) The Thailand Union mission has been conducting many health activities in the community in a renewed outreach effort. The year started with Medical Missionary training held at the Adventist Mission office on February 16-25 with dozens of attendees. The Adventist Mission Hospital conducts regular health promotion events throughout the year. On February 12-27 they held a Newstart training for the workers followed by cooking classes and yard sales with affordable goods for the poor on April 1.

7th Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Loma Linda University, CA | USA The 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition took place in Loma Linda, CA, from February 26-28. Globally recognized as the world’s premier scientific congress on the effects of vegetarian and other plant-based diets, it showcased recent advances from basic science, epidemiology and clinical trials in vegetarian nutrition from around the planet. Hundreds of people came to hear experts share the latest research findings on the benefits of a healthy vegetarian diet.

Health Ministries Advisory and ARMin Global Training

Brasilia, Brazil | South American Division (SAD) On March 13-15 the South American Division (SAD) held its first Health Ministries Advisory, bringing together Union Health Directors, medical directors of several hospitals and other important collaborators representing eight countries and territories. The GC Health Ministries team shared messages of inspiration and relevant content to equip the leaders in comprehensive health ministry (CHM). The 3-day advisory took place in Brasilia at the SAD headquarters and focuses on a balanced CHM and its mission.