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Our Journey to Wholeness

People in the world today are broken. The evidence is clear when we see how many are enslaved by addictions and compulsive behaviors. Ever since the fall, the enemy of God has sought to misrepresent His character. As a result, many have misjudged God as distant, unjust, and unloving. In a desperate search for meaning and healing for their brokenness, many have sought comfort on their own pleasures and destructive practices that serve only to enslave, bring shame and more pain.

Let Your Light Shine: Community Engagement

“… You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  These words should become part of the very fabric of Christian life but unfortunately, they have not!  Love for God and love for people, all people, are not mere suggestions, yet they don’t seem to be the motive force behind ministry as they should, often because of other concepts which appear to preclude really loving others who are of the world; e.g. “be in the world but not of the world.” 

Happy, Healthy New Year!

2017 has flown by, and 2018 will soon be a reality! Christmastide comes so quickly amidst the busyness of travel, planning, caring, and sharing. As we practice Christ’s method of outreach and help extend His healing ministry through Comprehensive Health Ministry, the real Reason for the Season daily informs all our service—remembering Christ’s Cradle, while not forgetting the Cross, and eagerly awaiting His Soon Coming.

FactSheet: Vegetarian Diets

For over 150 years Adventists have advocated a vegetarian diet for good health. The original diet given to us by the Creator was a vegetarian diet consisting of various plant foods. Scientific evidence accumulated over the past half century has shown conclusively that a well-balanced vegetarian diet is not only nutritionally adequate but also conveys health benefits. Many chronic diseases (such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity) can be either prevented or managed by following a vegetarian diet.

Educating Health Professionals: Our Mandate

“In the ministry of healing, the physician is to be a coworker with Christ. The Savior ministered to both the soul and the body. The gospel which He taught was a message of spiritual life and of physical restoration.” –Ellen White, MH 111

Considering the high cost of training health professionals, the question is asked, “Why does the Seventh-day Adventist Church engage in medical education?” It is expensive, but the reason the Church currently has six medical schools, more than 70 schools of nursing, five dental schools,

Rest for the Soul

We usually think of stress as being caused by negative pressures or unhappy events of life. Those are easily recognized. However, sometimes we do not realize that even “good pressures” and working for a good cause, such as in service to God, may result in the unhealthy effects of long standing stress. The key is to evaluate how balanced our life is. If we are not getting proper rest, our body may experience profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage. We must be reminded that as health ministers in God’s service, it is our duty to “put our glass down” for a while and rest.

Review of The China Study

In 1905 Ellen White described the diet our Creator chose for us as a balanced plant-based diet including foods such as grains, fruit and vegetables, and nuts (1). Such a diet provides physical and mental vigor and endurance. She also recognized that such a diet may need to be adjusted according to the season, the climate, occupation, individual tolerance, and what foods are locally available (2). The General Conference Nutrition Council (GCNC) therefore recommends the consumption of a balanced vegetarian diet consisting of a rich variety of plant-based foods.

Another Year for Thee

This year has sped by at amazing speed.  Time certainly flies--more so as I get older (and the more I fly!).  Early October already marks the introduction of Christmas decorations in malls and shopping outlets, yet most of the world hurries on forgetting that “Jesus is the reason for the season.”  How is it with you and me?

As busy health workers, we are totally occupied and engrossed, as we daily encounter the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people.  We are so deeply engaged that we ourselves become physically and emotionally exhausted, and even spiritually jaded.  Jesus foresaw this scenario; this is why He invited the disciples to “come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile.”  We should strive to do this daily as we rest from our works and are immersed in His righteousness and healing.  My prayer is that you will make such an opportunity daily, and over this festive season.