Adventist Wellness: Lifestyle & Wellness Centers

This document provides a summary of the philosophy and main principles for operation of Lifestyle and Wellness Centers. It is not exhaustive, and is an introduction to this important, and often neglected component of Comprehensive Health Ministry. It has been specially prepared for the 2019 General Conference Leadership Colloquium of Division Leaders which is themed “Wholeness in Christ: Mission Vision in Action.” We are grateful to the Taskforce that compiled this brochure - Viriato Ferreira and Zeno Charles-Marcel (co-chairs), Fred Hardinge, Chuck Cleveland, and Frank Fournier. This team brings a uniquely rich expertise in Lifestyle and Wellness Center work gained through many years of dedicated and practical experience. They each live the dream! We express gratitude to Elder Ted Wilson for devoting this Leadership Council to your - the leader’s - personal health and wellness, as well as for casting the vision for Lifestyle and Wellness Centers to be multiplied and nurtured around the world. Our prayer is that this powerful witness will grow, benefit the health of many, and prepare a rich harvest of those who are led to accept health and wholeness in Christ through this special ministry. May you be blessed as you experience Jesus’ desire for you “ have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10