We believe in a "ministry of healing" by which we can be restored to wholeness. Our concept of "whole" involves "the whole person": spiritual, physical, mental and social — as we do not exist in isolation. We emphasize the prevention of diseases through simple lifestyle patterns that permit God’s restorative powers to work more effectively on our behalf, while in no way minimizing the effectiveness of proven therapy where disease has already occurred. We also believe firmly in the same Power that healed the paralytic in Luke 5:

"The paralytic found in Christ healing for both the soul and the body. He needed health of soul before he could appreciate health of body. Before the physical malady could be healed, Christ must bring relief to the mind, and cleanse the soul from sin. This lesson should not be overlooked. . . The peace which He alone can impart would restore vigor to the mind and health to the body." Ministry of Healing 77

The four foundational principles which guide the Health Ministry Department philosophy and work are summed up as follows:

Inspiration: We believe the Word of God is the very best guide to making careful and wise choices in every area of life, including those things that impact our health. We are also grateful for the amplification these Biblical principles in the writings of Ellen G. White.

Evidence: We operate under the conviction that God is the author of all true science. Therefore, we respect evidence which stands up to the rigors of careful examination and analysis according to accepted scientific principles. We believe this is vital in a world filled with misinformation and falsehood.

Balance: Even good things can be taken to excess. Therefore, we are deeply committed to balance--physical, mental, social and spiritual--in every aspect of life to support health, happiness and healing.

Relationships: Social support is essential to human existence and health. Positive relationships with family, friends, community and God play a significant role in personal health, productivity, and our ability to help others. It supports and aids healing as well.

Our desire is this website will be most helpful to you in reaching all that God desires you to be.


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