Another Year for Thee

This year has sped by at amazing speed.  Time certainly flies--more so as I get older (and the more I fly!).  Early October already marks the introduction of Christmas decorations in malls and shopping outlets, yet most of the world hurries on forgetting that “Jesus is the reason for the season.”  How is it with you and me?

As busy health workers, we are totally occupied and engrossed, as we daily encounter the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people.  We are so deeply engaged that we ourselves become physically and emotionally exhausted, and even spiritually jaded.  Jesus foresaw this scenario; this is why He invited the disciples to “come ye yourselves apart and rest awhile.”  We should strive to do this daily as we rest from our works and are immersed in His righteousness and healing.  My prayer is that you will make such an opportunity daily, and over this festive season.

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