CELEBRATIONS: Living Life to the Fullest Sermon Series

The series LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST was inspired by the book CELEBRATIONS. Each chapter has been rewritten as a sermon for church or prayer meeting. 

Central to the Adventist philosophy of health is an interest in every aspect of human life, or wholesome living. The “whole” here relates to body, mind, emotions, spiritual dimensions, and social interactions. It is, therefore, with pleasure that we bring you this series that carries within it both the secrets of a healthful lifestyle and an exuberant appreciation of the joy of living well.

Credits: Book Authors: Allan R. Handysides, Fred Hardinge, Kathleen Kuntaraf, Peter Landless from the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Health Ministries Department. These sermons were prepared with the assistance of Glifford Goldstein.

(Click on each file to download it. Please note there is a PPT and PDF file for each presentation. The PDF file the "script".)