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There is no safe level of alcohol consumption!

On August 23, 2018 The Lancet, a leading prestigious and scientific journal originating in the UK published a landmark study of great importance on the topic of alcohol use. It integrates and appears to do some new data analysis from 694 data sources over a 26-year period from 195 locations around the globe. This is the first global, integrated meta data analysis that we have seen on alcohol use. The methodology is strong and they improved the analysis others had done when they could use original data.

Their conclusions are ground breaking and should be definitive in world health. Among the major findings are:

Advent Care Europe Network Meeting

Lillehammer, Norway | Trans-European (TED) and Inter-European Division (EUD) The Advent Care Europe network, an Adventist Health institutions network created in 2014, met in Norway for its third annual meeting from June 14th through June 16th 2018. Seven institutions representing seven countries took part in this event organized at the Adventist rehabilitation Center “Skogli” in Lillehammer, Norway.

PositiveTips from

An Australian observational study followed more than 5000 children from infancy to 11 years old--approximately 4700 were ever breast fed. Infants whose mothers drank alcohol while breast-feeding had lower cognitive scores by age 6. These differences were no longer significant by age 10-11, and were independent of prenatal alcohol use. PositiveTip: Alcohol use while breastfeeding can significantly impair the mother's ability to self-regulate and make safe choices for herself and/or her child.